Seal Chemistry Pty Ltd. is a South African company with a Global presence. Seal provides innovative intellectual; economically sound and ecological solutions, including smart technologies, of coatings and products applied usually at packaging convertors.  These solutions are frequently unique and or tailor made products.

Seal’s manufacturing plant which was established in South Africa in 1966 is based in the city of Durban. Durban is Africa’s busiest port enabling the fast, effective movement of both export sales and any incoming raw materials.

Sales; warehousing and distribution are available globally with both sales and technical support. Additionally, Seal Chemistry have a significant existing customer base utilising our specialty products in and throughout the Middle East; Africa and India, Seal remain active in many other countries.

At Seal Chemistry, innovation is a value of paramount importance, as well as keeping well ahead of the ever accelerating rate of global change generally and specifically in regards to packaging. Without innovation, Seal believe businesses are ultimately destined for failure. For this reason, Seal Chemistry apply innovation to all that we do and especially to our Research & Development activities. We continually work with our customers and technology partners to research, develop and, importantly, commercialize new ideas.

Seal Chemistry’s pioneering packaging products are specified by some of the worlds largest Global Brand Owners; as well as partnering global packaging convertors and also facilitated through special relationships with some of the world’s leading chemical companies.