The Durban Manufacturing Plant’s capacity is currently 5 million Kgs of coatings per annum, on a single shift. The current manufactured output exceeds 1.5 million Kgs per annum making Seal the largest specialty packaging coatings company in Africa, if not the Southern Hemisphere. This fruit has been the reward of the focus; commitment and passion of The Company, in a highly specialised market, with niche market technologies.

For over fifty years Seal Chemistry have taken the building-blocks of international technologies and refined these into unique knowhow products to meet a wide variety of needs in all spheres of packaging.

Unique manufacturing procedures and quality control methodologies have been internally developed to ensure the consistent delivery and performance of high-end product.

Seal Chemistry boasts numerous ‘world firsts’ in commercially supplying customers with unique product.

A purpose designed and built manufacturing plant was commissioned in 1996 and Seal have continued to upgrade our manufacturing and technical capabilities to ensure we are providing market leading supply capability. This is at the core and spirit of the Company’s continued successes in striving to add meaningful value through its technology solutions.

We will continue to make further investments into the future to keep our capabilities cutting edge.

Over the last 25 years, Seal Chemistry out-put has exponentially grown 50 fold.