Senior Management

Managing Director – Doug Knox

Doug started in the ink industry as a trainee liquid ink technician in 1976, and worked for various Printing Ink companies until 1987 and joined Seal Chemistry as Technical Manager; rapidly rising to Technical Director and then Managing Director in 1996. 
Doug pioneered the use of offset water based coating in South Africa as well as being at the forefront of the introduction of Cold Seal & Release Lacquer systems for confectionary packaging. 
During his tenure at Seal Chemistry, the product mix ratio of solvent based products to water based products has altered from 90:10 to 30:70.

Deputy Managing Director – Shalane Knox

Shalane joined Seal Chemistry in 2001 initially as a temporary employee.
Through her ability to be proactive and meticulous in nature, she worked her way through a wide variety of administrative functions and took on the key responsibility of the company’s raw material and finished goods stock control, a vital aspect of any successful business.
As well as spending time in the laboratories, she grew a fondness and technical understanding of the Company’s products.  Under the guidance of Doug Knox, and as his former PA, she gained an immense amount of knowledge of the industry generally and has been increasingly involved with internal managerial aspects of the business.

Global Marketing Manager – James Cammell

James joined Seal Chemistry in April 2016 a particularly auspicious time – 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the company’s inception as a local manufacturer of packaging coatings (originally as Swale Chemicals).
Having started working in the South African packaging industry in 1990 he has vast knowledge to contribute. His formative years were spent in the folding carton business, with hands on exposure to the corrugated sector, eventually followed by a move into flexible packaging and then into an industrial coatings division. Having launched products in Africa, managed a leading industrial radiant barrier brand along with heading up various sales and innovation teams, James has both business process and senior marketing skills.
Over the years James has served on numerous industry committees and worked with numerous multinational and home-grown giants in the consumer goods industries served by the local packaging industry.

Technical Director – Clint Angamuthoo

Clint joined Seal Chemistry in 1992 as a trainee technician and under the mentorship and tutelage of Doug, has developed into one of the most outstanding, innovative, creative and authoritative technical figures in coating chemistry.
This, combined with his enthusiasm and commitment to the business, makes him a tour de force, relentlessly developing, fine-tuning and ensuring that maximum effort is delivered when contributing to ongoing successful outcomes for Seal’s customers.

Financial Director – Richard Marrier d’Unienville

Richard was involved in the audit of Seal from 1999, which gave him unique insight into the company’s infrastructures.  Richard joined Seal in 2003 as Financial Manager.  Since then, he has overseen the implementation and upgrading of the company’s systems and has been instrumental in the company achieving its various accreditations.