There is a Smart Chemistry Packaging Design® solution which is specified; exported and in production currently upon two continents by the single largest confectionery corporation globally.

Seal Chemistry – Smart Chemistry for Packaging Design®

Upcycled Packaging™ – your Seal of Approval 

Upcycled Packaging™ is any packaging which has been re-designed in a qualified and measured way of:

  1. Reducing waste impact and or pollution in any form.
  2. Maintains being totally fit for purpose.
  3. Is economically more viable by way of either, or both, costs and or production processes.
  4. Where possible has identifiable distinction of being differentiable from the pack, encompassing all the above.

*Differentiate your packaging with the Seal of Approval.

Amongst new chemistry products in various stages of development and / or commercialisation are:


Seal Chemistry offer a unique blend of access to leading edge chemistry’s.  The focus is towards lacquers, coatings and adhesives, of all kinds, for all substrates of the major converting processes and as well other specialised products, backed up by an equipped innovative expert team.

Flexible Packaging

Applications for Gravure and Flexo printing, which include:

  • Cold seals and release lacquers
  • Water and solvent based over lacquers
  • Primers for improved ink adhesion
  • Universal heat seal coatings
  • Low temperature heat seal coatings
  • Water based heat seal coatings
  • Anti-mist coatings

Laminating Adhesives

Latest technology in high performance systems:

  • Solvent free
  • Water based
  • Solvent based

Offset Coatings

In-line and off-line water based coatings for the litho printing process including:

  • High gloss or matt coatings
  • Coatings for metallised papers or boards
  • Coatings that provide excellent foil adhesion
  • Barrier coatings that provide grease, water or oil resistance
  • Blister packaging coatings for PVC
  • Heat seal header card coatings

Corrugated and or Paper

Re-pulpable water based coatings for corrugated board to impart:

  • Stiffness (fibre reduction)
  • Grease or water resistance
  • Gloss or matt appearance


Water and solvent based pre-metallisation primers for:

  • Cigarette packaging
  • Recyclable Ink-Retentive Systems for brewery and other bottle labels
  • General packaging




SilvaBak™ & GoldBak

SilvaBak™ & GoldBak™ are an alternative to conventional aluminium/paper lamination and or metallised paper used in tobacco packaging.

The SilvaBak™ & GoldBak™ innovations extends yield, Eco-sustainability and social responsibility benefit to the brand owner through promoting disintegration of consumed wrappers in waste or landfill.

Conversion benefits include application in a single gravure process relative to foil/paper lamination which requires specialised equipment and a laminating adhesive to combine the foil & paper structures.  In regards to metallisation process this requires: pre-priming, metallisation, post priming and re-moisturisation processes with vastly complex and highly specialised equipment.

A two or three stage process is replaced by a single pass operation.

Patent Pending. 


KandyKote® is water based, food-safe, technology formulated for the conversion of paper based confectionery wrappers as a replacement for traditional hot wax dipped paper wrapping.  Hot applied waxes, although in use for decades, are of a paraffinic base and are considered to expose long term carcinogen and mutagen health risks.  The conversion to KandyKote® provides yield benefit and reduces waste volume.

KandyKote® will allow wrapper disintegration in the waste stream at a similar rate to the paper relative to hot wax dipped papers which require centuries to breakdown.

KandyKote® is suitable for in-line gravure application to the surface and reverse of GIP paper at 3.0gsm per side relative to conventional wrappers which require print, suppling and hot wax dipping at 8 to 10gsm per side.

Patent Granted.

SilvaSeal™ & GoldSeal

SilvaSeal™ & GoldSeal™ are aesthetic, Smart Chemistry solutions specifically formulated for in-line gravure conversion of solely paper-based margarine and butter wrapping materials as an alternative to the standard extrusion laminated foil, ldpe, paper wrapper construction.

SilvaSeal™ & GoldSeal™ converted margarine and butter wrapping materials are re-pulpable.  Wrappers entering the waste stream will disintegrate in landfill at a similar time-frame to the papers decomposition rate, relative to the current laminated wrapper which conservatively requires a 1000 years to disintegrate.

Asides Eco-sustainability SilvaSeal™ & GoldSeal™ are fit for purpose solutions which extend yield benefit to the brand owner and extends further cost savings through elimination of the entire extrusion lamination process including aluminium foil and ldpe inventories and print versatility application to register.

Patent Pending.


SupaKote® is a two component, high gloss lacquer specifically formulated for application to paper, for the conversion of soap wrappers as an alternative to the current non-disintegratable, indestructible, reverse printed polyester, laminated soap wrapper.  SupaKote® applied to calendared or coated paper exhibits aesthetic gloss values comparable to polyester laminated paper and allows the conversion of a fully paper based, Olefin film free wrapper.  The conversion of SupaKote®, in addition to extending fit for purpose functionality, allows significant reduction of the wrappers grammage and therefore also allows for tangible yield benefit.

Patent Pending.


RigiSeal™ is a water based barrier coating, Smart Chemistry which, on application to carton board, enables water, mvtr, grease, oil, fat, alkaline, soap barrier and inherently also inhibits the growth of specific micro-organisms including mould, fungi and yeasts.

RigiSeal™ is recommended for the conversion of film free soap stiffener inserts, at 3.0gsm dry application to carton board.  RigiSeal is formulated as a fit for purpose replacement of the current soap stiffener wrapper insert construction – 130gsm paper + 3.5gsm adhesive + 15gsm ldpe.

Responsible soap stiffener inserts converted with RigiSeal™ allows the smart brand-owner approximately 10% yield benefit, social responsibility benefit and wrapping material which will efficiently disintegrate in waste relative to the current wrapper which exhibits a waste lifespan of 500 – 1000 years.

Further benefits include, reduction of wrapping grammage and waste reduction into the mainstream.





NanoSeal™ is a water based barrier coating technology suitable for the conversion of single use paper or carton board fast foods wrapping materials as an alternative to film or wax laminated wrapping.

NanoSeal™ is formulated to exhibit fit for purpose grease, oil, fat and water barrier but, most importantly, complies with food safety requirements.

NanoSeal™ extends benefit through the elimination of production processes, allows efficient degradation of non-recovered wrappers in landfill and pulpability of recovered wrapping materials.

NanoSeal™ provides a desirable white inner backing to brown paper or board.



TobaKote® is a water-based barrier coating system specifically developed by Seal Chemistry to replace hot paraffinic wax coated tobacco wrapping materials.

TobaKote® is formulated to impart water, moisture, grease, oil and fat barrier, in addition, TobaKote® exhibits inhibition to the growth of common spoilage organisms including specific mould, fungi and yeasts.

Additionally, the TobaKote® System is both recyclable, re-pulpable and will disintegrate in landfill while wax coated papers are not compliant with Eco sustainability demands.

Further benefits of TobaKote® include elimination of production processes, associated inventories, pulpability and yield benefit.


ReamPrime™ & ReamSeal™ 

ReamPrime™ & ReamSeal™ are water based primer & barrier coating technology solutions for application to paper as an alternative to ldpe extruded paper for bond paper ream wrapping.

The conversion of ReamPrime™ & ReamSeal™ allows the conversion of a fit for purpose ream wrapper which is repulpable, will allow for disintegration of non-recovered wrappers in landfill & manages concerns of export landfill taxes relative to film laminated wrappers which conservatively require 500-100 years for disintegration in landfill.

Conversion of the current extrusion laminated ream wrapping involves 2 separate processes: Firstly, the extrusion lamination of 12gsm low density polyethylene to 80gsm paper, the laminate is subsequently overprinted either by flexo or gravure processes.  ReamPrime™ & ReamSeal™  are engineered for conversion in a single in-line gravure process over print, thereby fully eliminating the entire extrusion process.  Further benefits include favourable wrapper yield and elimination of non-disintegratable waste.

Patent Pending.


CorroKote™ is a water-based barrier coating system suitable for the in-line conversion of fluted carton wrapping materials, as an alternative to traditional hot applied wax coatings.

CorroKote™ allows Corrugated packaging converters to move away from traditional paraffinic hot wax application to food safe water-based coating technology and manages the unsustainable effects of pollution on our environment.

CorroKote™ allows flexibility to apply and meter between 3.0 to 5.0gsm dry, relative to the application of paraffinic waxes where variability in dry application weight of up to 20gsm dry can be typically observed.  Importantly, hot wax coated cartons, once consumed and disposed of, conservatively require several centuries to disintegrate in landfill relative to CorroKote™ coated cartons which are expected to disintegrate in landfill at a similar rate to the carton.

Further benefits includes: eliminates the non-disintegratable waste, eliminates risks associated with consumption of wax waste papers by local organisms and animals, eliminates risk of injury, especially scalding burns, typically associated with hot wax.