International activities and Technology Partners:

The Company has a variety of selected technology partners from across Europe and the USA in specific areas of activities. The Company also enjoys a “preferred” status with one of the world’s largest chemical suppliers as well as extremely good relationship with many other innovative suppliers. This is as a result of being able to convert developmental raw-materials into successful commercial products; from the cradle through to end of the line of product commercialised; even through to disposal and break-down of packaging material; a critical area of current product development by the Company.

This is area is being approached in its totality in reassessing packaging constructions in their entirety, and under the Company’s “Brave Blue Wave™” banner.

International Markets:

Seal Chemistry has recently appointed agents in India and the Middle East Area, with technical support and direct relationships with brand owners and convertors in these areas. The Company is also entering the West and East African markets with products.

The Company has also just concluded and NDA with a major European paper supplier to partner developing jointly European markets with Seal Chemistry’s patent pending packaging systems as well as other products.