The New Deal

Seal Chemistry for Packaging Design™


The Seal Chemistry team has an intimate knowledge of global converting conditions including operational situations, as well as a knowledge of all the aspects of each of critical links within the packaging chain; from base substrate source, through a variety of conversion techniques and finally, the packed product.

This is a current example of the most popular branded chocolate confectionery bar in South Africa.  Its construction is of inseparable multi-layered laminated plastic BOPP with metallised Polyester.

Pioneer 10 became the first space probe to leave our solar system because of “a layer of insulation, consisting of metallised Polyester.”

That a confectionery snack bars packaging is designed – as a disposable snack – but with the same constructions that allows for a satellite to leave our universe and be indestructible, simply makes no sense.  From energy in-put to cost to resultant pollutant.

The pack for the packaging above was blind-tested by a test panel as per:

One unopened chocolate bar and one chocolate bar fully removed and opened for one month were tested with fascinating results:

Question options: Which segment tasted fresher and or better, than the other?

“Globally 95% of all plastic packaging is used once & then discarded.
And, globally, more than 9 billion / 9 000 000 000 000 tons of plastic has been produced.”

Astoundingly, the blind tasting panel was split 50% evenly either way, between the unopened and the month old exposed portions!

Vast expenditures are engaged to make plastic look like paper.  These costs have resounding consequences from the cradle to the grave of these processes.

Seal Chemistry with Smart Chemistry for Packaging Design®, that a comprehensive re-evaluation of Packaging Design – fit for purpose is not only possible, but the urgent and sensible brave call to new ways of making essential differences, without compromise and only benefits.  Benefits for the Brand Owner, convertor, consumer and our planet.


This fact is being realised by the most eminent of figures, not simply fringe groupings, but even by the Bank of England’s Governor Mark Carney.  Warnings of dangers of global effects on climate change and polluting firms.

Packaging has a crucial part to play, but more so, is to first understand a comprehensive understanding of the complex domino links in the global crises chain which we all face.